Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) :

MTA is an introductory Microsoft certification for individuals considering career in technology. MTA certification addresses a wide spectrum of fundamental technical concepts, assesses and validates your core technical knowledge, and enhances your technical credibility.

What is Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)?

MTA ia an entry-level certification that validates the fundamental technology knowledge that students need to start building a career in Microsoft technologies.


  • 12 initial titles on Developer, IT Pro, and Database high-demand topics.
  • 9 initial languages: English, Spanish, s. Chinese, T. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Russian, Br. Portuguese.

What can MTA do for me?

  • You can offer students a solid career foundation and facilitates career exploration.
  • You get an education solution including learning and an industry-recognized credentials.
  • MTA lowers the barriers to entry to the Microsoft Certification Program by providing a stepping stone to our professional certification.

Who needs MTA?

MTA is exclusively for academic customers: technology-focused high schools and higher education institutions. It's driven by Certiport partners and Microsoft's Public Sector, Education and Evangelism team in the field.

How can I get MTA?

Get it through Certiport or an authorized Certiport Partner. It's an internet-based plateform that gives you unprecedented testing flexibility. There are testing centers with educators empowered as proctors. You receive an MTA Exam Review Kit to facilitate curriculum adoption.