Application Management

Tap The Potential Of Your System

We take care of your whole environment. From upgrades and patches to executing change requests or system migrations, right up to maintenance, support and user help. We make sure your server/system/applications is not only always right up to date, but also tailored to your specific requirements. Service level agreements guarantee availability and performance. Allows you the full use of potential offered by your system.

The Right Experts Every Time

Our team of experts and experienced consultants is available to help you. Any issues you have are addressed in each case by an acknowledged expert with the requisite specific knowledge. Compared with performing the tasks yourself, you can take benefit of noticeably superior service quality and competence – at costs that are lower and transparent, thanks to the scale effects we can achieve.


  • Assumption of process responsibility for your environment
  • Highly qualified experts to resolve your issues
  • Transparent costs; scale effects guarantee an optimised cost structure
  • Your application is always right up to date
  • Fast and flexible additional capacities or applications
  • Service level agreements for guaranteed availability and performance
  • User advice and support
  • Certified quality