Dot Net training in Lucknow and kanpur, Dot Net Training in Delhi provided by CISPL, Lucknow and kanpur.We provided IT trainings in light of corporates guidelines that helps understudies to be get ready for ventures. CISPL offers the best Dot Net training in Lucknow and kanpur, CISPL is one of the best result oriented Dot Net Training Institute in Lucknow and kanpur, offers best essentially, trial learning in Dot Net training in Lucknow and kanpur. At CISPL Dot Net training is directed by 15+ years of involvement in overseeing constant tasks. CISPL Lucknow and kanpur, is giving fundamental and propelled level of Dot Net Training with live tasks with 100% JOB Guaranteed help with top enterprises. Best Dot Net Training in Lucknow and kanpur and Dot Net Training in Delhi is CISPL. Essentially, Dot Net Framework ((pronounced dot net) is a software framework created by Microsoft that runs principally on Microsoft Windows. for creating net applications and Windows Apps we tend to ar utilize .NET Core. The dotnet core have various components like lightweight,blazing brisk and so forth.

Here, at CISPL’s laboratory are well-structured for best Dot Net training in Lucknow and kanpur where contenders learn the career oriented skills to uphold the career path. If we talked about best Dot Net training center in Lucknow and kanpur, then we provide skills to manage Customer relationship management, Accounting applications, Product/inventory applications), Websites Value chain/supply management, Integration with partners through the internet & XML web services and lot more training under Dot Net Training program. Dot Net course content has designed according to the latest technologies which are using in corporation at high level. CISPL structured Dot Net training course and syllabus in Lucknow and kanpur according to student’s requirement to be prepare for industries through which candidates can easily get placement in Lucknow and kanpur their dreamed companies and corporations.

CISPL is the best Dot Net training center in Lucknow and kanpur with an abnormal state framework and research facility office. The most alluring thing is that hopefuls can select numerous IT instructional class at Lucknow and kanpur area. We feel pleased by report that CISPL plans a huge number of contender for Dot Net training at sensible charges structure which is adequate for best Dot Net training in Lucknow and kanpur, Delhi NCR to go to the Dot Net classes.

Dot Net course content includes “Knowledge by Experiments” strategy to get Dot Net training and performing real-time practices and real-time modulation. This extra ordinary practices with live environment experience in Dot Net Training certifies that you are ready to apply your Dot Net knowledge in big corporations after the Dot Net training in Lucknow and kanpur completed.

If we talked about placement scenario, then CISPL is one and only best Dot Net training and placement in Lucknow and kanpur. We have placed many candidates to big MNCs till now. Dot Net training is managed during Week Days Classes from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Weekend Classes at the same time. We have also arrangement if any candidate wants to learn Dot Net training in Lucknow and kanpur in less time duration.


The following applications can be created by using Dot NET platform. After your Dot Net training is completed.

  • Customer relationship management
  • Accounting applications
  • Product/inventory applications)
  • Websites
  • Value chain/supply management
  • Integration with partners through the internet
  • XML web services


With Dot Net & Sharepoint tools, developers can re-design applications to support a growing company's needs.Further advantages of .NET:

  • Maintainability
  • Security
  • Cross platform: service-oriented Architecture:
  • Interoperation with existing applications:)
  • Integration with legal systems
  • Code management
  • Robustness
  • All libraries in one place
  • Localisation and globalisation
  • Less complexity and consistent programming model
  • Rapid application development
  • Scalability


These are mostly used CMS in Dot Net environment:

  • Orchard
  • TelerikSitefinity
  • Composite C1
  • Kentico CMS for ASP.NET
  • DotNetNuke: CMS Content Management
  • MojoPortal CMS
  • Kooboo CMS
  • Umbraco
  • Yendo CMS –
  • Content Management System
  • Pronto CMS
  • N2 CMS
  • axcms
  • sprocketcms
  • composite

10 REASON: WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN CISPL, Lucknow and kanpur

There are such reason which helps you to choose better Dot Net training institute to achieve sucess in your goal:

  • CISPL offers best Dot Net training and placement in Lucknow and kanpur well classified Dot Net modules.
  • CISPL feels proud to announce that more than 1000 candidates are placed from our Institute in last 15 years.
  • Four big floor building infrastructure with AC class rooms for Dot Net training.
  • Large computer machines laboratory with almost 100 computer machines in lab.
  • Servers are provided to the students for practice their topics and concepts of Dot Net training in Lucknow and kanpur.
  • Industrial projects are provided to the students if they are doing their Dot Net industrial training.
  • Our trainers prepare candidates according to interview cracking level with all required practices.
  • CISPL offers week day classes from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM in Dot Net training center in Lucknow and kanpur.
  • All candidates go for test and presentation process for 3 times regularly during Dot Net training in Lucknow and kanpur. This is a performance check process for every student.
  • Personality development classes, interview session, English speaking session is also available in our Institute.



.NET Framework (pronounced dot net) is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large class library known as Framework Class Library (FCL) and provides language interoperability (each language can use code written in other languages) across several programming languages.

.NET is a software framework that provides a lot of system functionality to programming languages, and applications, design to use it. It provides support for complex data structures (lists, etc.), access to system services (files, XML read/writing, etc.) and many many more features. This is done through a common interface but more importantly a common run time. So, the features are implemented exactly the same way for all.

CISPL imparts immense learning benefits with a clear focus on the vital concepts of Dot Net. By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Work on Common Language Specification (CLS) with ease.
  • Gain proficiency in Framework Class Library (FCL) how it assists with decision-making.
  • Understand and work on Common Language Runtime (CLR).
  • .NET provides an integrated set of tools for building Web software and services and Windows desktop applications.
  • .NET provides a stable, scalable and secure environment for software development.
  • .NET results in software that's more reliable and secure

A person with Dot Net as his specialty can get a job in various job profiles. At first as a new recruit he can get the job of software developer. The major responsibility of a Dot Net technician is to develop the application which can run easily on any platform.

Students who are seeking for good job opportunities requires in Information Technology has become one of the most promising sectors for youngsters as a career. Among the career options in IT, a career in Dot Net has a high growth prospect in the future.