Company Policies


Non-Solicitation Agreement

This Non-Solicitation Agreement is entered into on between Cryolite India Softwares Pvt. Ltd. and residing at


Employee and Employer have entered into an employment relationship that requires the following terms for both parties’ mutual well protection and satisfaction.

    1. Employee acknowledges that he/she will acquire considerable knowledge and expertise from the Employer as well as from vendors, subcontractors and other employees in the course of carrying out their job duties. Furthermore, Employee acknowledges that he or she may be able to use such knowledge in a manner detrimental to the Employer. Therefore, employee agrees to the following:

    2. Employee will not, for a period of twelve months after termination of his or her employment. approach any customer, affiliate, or business partner of the Employer for purposes of seeking employment or business arrangements in competition with the Employer’s line of business.

    3. Employee will not, for a period of twelve months following termination of his or her employment approach, entice, solicit, or contact any individual in employment at CISPL for any reason.

    4. Employee agrees to provide this contract to any and all subsequent employers of the Employee during the term of this non-solicitation agreement.

    5. The Employee agrees that all provisions are fair and just. If at any time or point any provision is voided all other provisions shall remain in effect.

    6. Employee acknowledges that any breach in this contract will be subject to court rulings in Uttar Pradesh for direct and indirect damages.

    7. Any notice required or pertaining to this agreement shall be made in writing and delivered either personally or by certified letter to receiving member.

    8. The terms and conditions included constitute the entire agreement between the parties and supersede any communications orally or written previously between either party.

    Both parties read and agree with all terms of this Non-Solicitation Agreement listed above.


This Agreement is entered into by and between Cryolite India Softwares Pvt. Ltd. at A4 Shakti Nagar Lucknow(U.P) and . In consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, the parties hereby acknowledge and agree as follows:


    Whereas, the parties have entered into an agreement/understanding from that Company will perform services for Client as more particularly outlined in any Contract between CISPL and .

    Whereas, the parties wish to define the rights and obligations between themselves as to Client’s hiring of Company’s employees and/or consultants; and

    Whereas the parties wish to confirm the prohibition of disclosing confidential and proprietary information received by Client in the course of the rendition of those services;

    NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:


    • Scope. This Agreement pertains to the services performed by Company to the benefit of Client as outlined in that contract/understanding described above. This Agreement shall also relate to any incidental services, as well as any services performed under any extension or amendment to said contract. Further, this Agreement shall apply to any other projects or services performed, pursuant to any verbal or written agreements or understandings between the parties subsequent hereto.

    • Confidentiality. This shall reaffirm the obligations contained in any agreements/understandings between the parties as to the protection of confidential and proprietary information.

    • No-hire. Client understands that Company has gone to considerable time and expense in training, orienting, and equipping its consultants/employees with the knowledge and experience to perform their duties. It is agreed by both the parties lied in this agreement that not to hire the other company’s employee.

    During the period of this agreement or for twelve months thereafter client will not directly or indirectly hire any employee of CISPL(ex-employee within six months of the employee’s termination from CISPL) who has provided services to client on behalf of us.

    • Modification. Any modification of this agreement will be effective only if it is in writing and signed by the party to be charged.